Holiday Time Out. Handmade in Sri Lanka.

Claustrophobic beach-quickie?
Visit Lignano and the adriatic sea.
Party-vacation and dating by the sea?
Visit Ibiza.
Well proved beach-vacation?
Go to Koh Samui.
Not really your thing?
Are you an explorer without a watch?
Looking for your inner self?
Mastering your life with the wink of an eye?
And all the above by the sea and under the sun?
You've found the right place.
Located in the very south of Sri Lanka, Underneath The Mango Tree happens to be a lot: a truly individually managed boutique hotel, a competent ayurvedic spa and an enjoyable beach hotel. But above all it is one thing: 

A charging device for your soul.

Compatible with Deceleration 1.0, Burn-Out Prevention 2014, Energy Saver Ltd. Edition...tbc.
Experience the stageing of deceleration and time out.
Not to be mistaken with boredom ;-)