3 Days Beauty Program at the UTMT Hotel in Sri Lanka

Start every day in the morning with Yoga at the UTMT Underneath the Mango Tree Resort in which the powerful, Asian influence makes you vibrate with positive energy. With leisure. Because you can take your time there. For your arrival, for being spoiled, for YOU.

1. Day

  • Consultation & pulse diagnosis
  • Determination of dosha type
  • Head-neck and shoulder massage
  • Anti-aging cosmetic facial treatment

2. Day

  • Herbal steam bath completed with
  • Revitalizing sea salt scrub and
  • Clay herbal cocoon

3. Day

  • Aroma full body massage 90 min
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure

Including a daily coctail of the day

3 Days Beauty Package

3 Day Beauty Holidays in Sri Lanka inc. all taxes, excluding accomodation HB

  • per Person 35.000,00 LKR

More detailed information is available – just contact our UTMT-Team online or by email at reservations@utmthotel.com.