3 Days Beauty Program at the UTMT Hotel in Sri Lanka

Start every day in the morning with Yoga at the UTMT Underneath the Mango Tree Resort in which the powerful, Asian influence makes you vibrate with positive energy. With leisure. Because you can take your time there. For your arrival, for being spoiled, for YOU.


3 Days UTMT Beauty Programm

1. Day

  • Consultation & pulse diagnosis
  • Determination of dosha type
  • Head-neck and shoulder massage
  • Anti-aging cosmetic facial treatment

2. Day

  • Herbal steam bath completed with
  • Revitalizing sea salt scrub and
  • Clay herbal cocoon

3. Day

  • Aroma full body massage 90 min
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure

Including a daily mocktail of the day

price per Person: USD 240 for 3 days inc. all taxes excluding accomodation 


3 days Detox Package

The UTMT specialises in detox treatments, helping you to achieve personal aspiration for a healthy equilibrium.
The programme includes consultation, massages & applications, daily Yoga sessions and the UTMT Signature Cuisine (Ayurvedic) targeted for weight reduction – combining the findings of modern nutritional science with the ancient wisdoms of traditional dietary forms.

1st Day :

  • Doctors Consultation
  • Head Massage
  • Full body Massage
  • Steam bath

2nd Day :

  • Shiolepa ( for clearing/detoxing the mind)
  • Nabi Abyanga ( abdominal massage to activate the digestion)
  • Sea Salt Scrub
  • Herbal bath

3rd Day :

  • Head massage
  • Abyanga ( for blood circulation and releasing toxins in the body)
  • Steam bath
  • Facial Cosmetic or Wrap ( optional )

Meal-Plan : Detox full board ( if booked on half board basis )

Special Detox Tea: Ranwara Tea (purifies the blood, helps the circulation and removes exess water from the body), Cumin, Coriander ( Kapha),  and Fennel tea


price per Person: USD 300  for 3 days inc. all taxes excluding accomodation HB


3 days Ayurveda pure Package

Ayurveda is a method which focuses on the human being as a whole not the disease in particular. The UTMT  hotel in Sri Lanka offers facilities for professional guidance in terms of traditional Ayurvedic holiday & therapy. The treatments are individually tailored by our professional practitioners (Ayurvedic medicine).

You wish a softer, individual Ayurveda Program, not so strict than the Panchakarma cure, but refreshing and energizing yourself than try our Ayurveda Pure 3 days Package with the choice of Ayurvedic meals.

  • doctor`s consultations
  • ayurvedic fullboard with choice at breakfast and dinner if booked on half board basis 
  • up to 4 ayurveda treatments per day
  • ayurvedic medicin
  • Dosha tea, fruit juice and water
  • Yoga und Meditation

price per Person: USD 240 for 3 days inc. all taxes excluding accomodation HB


More detailed information is available – just contact our UTMT-Team online or by email at reservations@utmthotel.com.