Enjoy Ayurvedays

Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka!

You wish a softer, individual Ayurveda Program, not so strict than the Panchakarma cure, but refreshing and energizing yourself
than try our Ayurveda Pure Package with the choice of Ayurvedic meals.
  • fullboard with choice at breakfast and dinner
  • up to 4 ayurveda treatments per day
  • ayurvedic medicin
  • doctor`s consultations
  • Dosha tea, fruit juices and water
  •  Yoga und Meditation
  • 1xTempelmeditation on Saturday
3 nights in a doubleroom from 96.000,00 LKR
1 week in a doubleroom from 203.000,00 LKR
3 nights single use from 126.000,00 LKR
1 week single use from 266.000,00 LKR

Ayurveda pure 7+1    Summer Bonus 2017

Bookings of Ayurveda pure packages for 7 nights will get 1 additional night free on BB basis( room with breakfast)

  • 7+1 per person in a double room from LKR 175.000,00
  • 7+1 for doubleroom single use    from LKR  224.000,00

Ayurveda pure 10+2  Sommer Bonus 2017

Bookings of Ayurveda pure package for 10 nights will get additional 2 nights free on BB basis (room with breakfast) 

  • 10+2 per person in double room from LKR 250.000,00 
  • 10+2 for doubleroom single use  from LKR 320.000,00

Offer valid from Mai 1st to October 31st, 2017 only for direct bookers ! 


Ayurveda pure 7+1 December Bonus 2017 

Bookings of Ayurveda pur package  for 7 nights will receive additional 1 night on BB basis (room with breakfast) for free!

  • 7+1 per person in a double room, from 189.000,00 LKR 
  • 7+1 per person in a poolroom       from 238.000,00 LKR
  • 7+1 per person in a villa               from 280.000,00 LKR

single use only on request!

Offer valid from December 1st to 22th December 2017 only for direct bookers ! 


Bookable online, via email to reservations@utmthotel.com 

or via phone: +43.(0)57778 300
More detailed information is available – just contact our UTMT-Team